13 Oct
You can´t stop thinking about travelling again, right?
Fingers crossed!
I still believe that next year will bring us a lot of happiness.
Here in Portugal, basically, everything is back to normality. The only difference is that most of us use facemasks and we sanitise ourselves around 500 times a day :) it's the new normal ;)
Almost everything has reopened: kindergardens, schools, universities, restaurants, monuments, theatres, cinemas, parks...

I gave 3 tours on June 30th, July 1st and July 2nd and it went great and my travellers were completely astonished with the beauty of Lisbon almost empty :) they said now they don't wanna come back when the crowds come. They were great. So fun. Brought me back to life those 3 days of work. I need my job back. 

Now, a few lines to help you understand what's going on here right now.
This is where you can find all the updated info about covid in Portugal: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/portugal/

Numbers for today in total: we have a bit over 89000 cases and approximately 2100 deaths. 

The website of the US Embassy in Portugal is very detailed and clear. 
I'm sharing the link because it's really very usefull:

By the begining of May everything started reopening little by little, step by step and every 2 weeks the government would evaluate and open a bit more or restrain if needed... It must be extremely difficult to manage a country with all this happening... 
We're testing and testing ans testing and controlling a lot and most of the Portuguese population seems to understand that it's needed to follow rules and obey.

It's true that this pandemic is keeping us away from travelling but I've decided not to stop so I've created some virtual tours, live streamed from the streets of Lisbon. I'm loving it! ❤️

Another brief note:
Even if it's an average or large group, like friends, relatives, associations or people who are having digital conferences, for instance 😉

It's a nice way to share an experience together 😍  

I can have many users connected at the same time without any problem. Only suggestion with those is to request all users to disable their cameras to improve connectivity and quality and use the chat box to ask questions to be answered at the end of the tour.

Each tour has a duration of 1h and I have 1 for Lisbon and 1 for Sintra. Any preferences?

If needed, please contact me and I'll be more than happy to clarify all details on a phone call :)

Honestly I doubted ahahah but it has been so great! 🥰

Stay safe and enjoy life!