Sunset (or sunrise!) walk along the Ocean - OUTDOOR Live Virtual Tour


I will be available to start tours from 8AM to 5. 30PM.

What will you discover?

Before beginning the tour: check in and introduction.

Over the course of 1h we will walk together along Estoril maritime promenade, passing by:

- different beautiful beaches (Tamariz, Moitas);

- historic noble mansions (Chalet Barros, Chalet Maria Pia, Palácio Palmela);

- overview about Estoril's history.

There is always time for a 2 minute lesson of Portuguese words you must learn.

- Good internet connection is required to experience this tour.

By the end of the tour I'll leave some time to wrap up so that you can share some thoughts with me :)

I'd love to give you some local tips and suggestions for when you come!

During Winter, closer to the date of the tour we need to check the weather forecast because it might rain.