Belém: Back to the Age of Discoveries



Over the course of 3.5 hours, we'll discover Belém District:

- Jerónimos Monastery (church + cloister) 

- Belém Tower (outside)

- Monument to the Discoveries (outside)

- Old Factory "Pastéis de Belém" (custard tarts)

Belém district is 4 miles/6km away from Lisbon's city centre, easily reachable by public transportation.

NOTE: Belém Tower closed on Mondays (all day) and Jerónimos' Monastery church and cloister closed on Mondays (all day) and on Sunday mornings the church only opens at 2PM after the Sunday masses. Other religious ceremonies or governmental events (no dates annouced much ahead of time) might affect the normal schedules. 

Let me know if you want to visit the interiors or just see monuments from the outside.

Please, contact me for further information about how to get there and where we can meet.


Walking tour